Incorrect snipe amount

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Avatar David M 19 post(s)

It seems unlikely that this issue is related to the other recent problems caused by eBay formatting changes, so I am posting this as new topic.

I recently had the following experience:
(i) The “Starting bid” was GBP0.99, which I submitted as a normal bid.
(ii) Someone else later bid GBP1.04, an increase of GBP0.05, which is the minimum amount that eBay will allow.
(iii) When I then wanted to snipe for a higher amount, JBidwatcher suggested that the smallest increment I could use was GBP0.05, for a bid of GBP1.09. This is incorrect, as the minimum eBay increment under these circumstances is GBP0.20, for a bid of GBP1.24. Consequently, JBidwatcher was quite prepared to let me submit an invalid bid (and it did submit it, when I decided to find out what it would do – needless to say, the bid was not accepted by eBay).

I have not had JBidwatcher mis-calculate bid increments before. Is this a recent problem?


Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

Hi David, the incorrect bid increments on is a known issue:

I assume this and other pending changes will be folded into JBW after a stable version is released to take account of the recent changes on eBay.