Has ebay broke it? (19 July 07)

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Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


Martin: Try going to the File menu, and choosing ‘Clear deleted tracking’. See if that helps some…

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar EdenResident 3 post(s)

1.0.2pre4 worked fine for me. I was able to snipe an auction last night. I’m on WinXP, BTW. However, just this morning, someone was able to change my password. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with JBidWatcher but just want to mention.

Avatar omgwtfnow 3 post(s)

Hi EdenResident,
Funny you should mention that your password had been changed…Same thing happened to me. I had a helluva time sorting out my details and getting a new password. I hope its not a JBidWatcher error thats caused it.

Avatar Martin Bürkel 18 post(s)

Hallo Morgan,
i came across in about this idee in the meantime (deleted over 6000 entries after looking on the XLM Data)
and what shouldt i say:
JBW Quits when i want it to do.
Can I help whit debugging the new Version (finding glitches in the User IF like …)

Avatar EdenResident 3 post(s)

omgwtfnow, that’s kinda creepy. Did they buy a bunch of Sony PSP with your account, too?

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

I’m running pre5 on OS 10.4.8 and things are looking very good.

The excessive CPU usage issue has disappeared, no problem quitting and restarting JBW and I also ended up with a snipe situation today where JBW had to snipe on six auctions from the same seller all within 60 secnds.
I had the snipe set at 8 seconds and some of the closing times were less than 8 seconds apart. No way I could have done that manually and I was wondering how JBW would cope (I actually expected JBW to somehow mess up and wouldn’t have been too upset). But from what I could see, JBW executed things perfectly, at least in the sense that I won the ones where I was high bidder and obviously not the ones where I was not. I was impressed, so I immediately logged into my paypal account to show my appreciation.
Hope some of you are doing this as well – I have never come across any site, commercial or non-commercial, where I have seen such tremendeous support to fix problems. And in such a short time frame and without creating a bunch of new ones.

Avatar Martin Bürkel 18 post(s)

Hallo EdenResident.
Hope no, at least i payed not for the consoles.
the “Clear Delet Tracking” deleted all entries of items i watcht via JBW and had already deleted . (They are not shown in JBW) But they wher still ther in the XML Data.

Avatar isa-d 8 post(s)

Unfortunately pre04 don’t save the auctions for the next session.
I use XP and the latest Java.

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

1.0.2 pre 5 is the latest version and fixes the saving issues: http://forum.jbidwatcher.com/forums/9/topics/1047

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