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I’m trying to use the “save” option to save all my completed auctions in JBidwatcher, but I have no clue where these auctions are being saved or in what format.

I click on save – message comes back that auctions are saved but no idea where.
I tried a search and find under a few different names – no luck that way either.

So does anyone know where the auctions are actually saved and can I change the destination?

I’m running Mac OS 10.4.8


Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

JBidWatcher saves your auction list every 10 minutes. The “save” auction button forces JBidWatcher to save there and then. The output file is the same in both cases, so this isn’t really an “export” if that’s what you’re looking for. The save file is ~/.jbidwatcher/auctions.xml , or in long hand: /Users//.jbidwatcher/auctions.xml . Note the full stop before “.jbidwatcher” – this is standard Unix naming convention to hide a file or directory which is why you’ve had trouble finding the file in the Finder/Spotlight. You will need to use the Terminal application (/Applications/Utilities/ to get to the file instead. If you are unfamiliar with using Unix command lines then the easiest thing to do to be able to view the file is to create an alias to the file once:

- open the Terminal application
- copy and paste the following into the Terminal window:

ln -s ~/.jbidwatcher/auctions.xml ~/Documents/auctions.xml

- press return
- quit Terminal

You should now have an alias file “auctions.xml” in your Documents folder. You should be able to view/‘save as’ this file as you please. However be very careful not to edit it unless you know what you’re doing – it’s not a copy; it’s effectively the same file that JBidWatcher uses to keep track of your auctions.

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Thanks Laurence,

I thought this was a standard “save” function especially since the icon used is a floppy which is what the Mac symbol to save a file to a folder.
I’m trying to save the completed auctions, ideally to Excel or if that doesn’t work, to Word in a tabular format so I can sort the completed auctions. Once saved, I would delete all the completed ones from JBW.

The best I can figure out is to do a “Copy…..Information” and then paste this into Excel.
But this doesn’t copy all the information, the auction end date for instance is missing, and there is no formatting – every auction is in a single line in Excel.

Any suggestions how I can do a simple save to a folder or a copy and paste?


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


If you control-click (right-click if a 2+ button mouse) on the tab, you’ll get a tab-specific context menu. One of the tab-menu options is ‘Export’. This will create a CSV-formatted file containing basically all the same data as the tab is showing.

That’s probably more useful for what you’re trying to do…

The tab-specific context menu is one of my worst documented tools; it includes all kinds of things like exporting as above, creating new tabs to help categorize items, printing, and customizing the columns.

Anyhow, give that a try, and let me know if that helps more!

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

p.s. I like the idea of creating a soft-link on Mac OS X, since Finder hides it… Probably could put it in the appropriate Library directory, even… It’s too bad Java can’t do that itself. :(

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I tried what you suggested.

Works like a charm – thank you very much.

I think what would come in useful is a mini user guide; I tried umpteen things to save or copy these auctions from JBW to a spreadsheet – all without success so far. This method was a breeze.


Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

A follow up to my previous post.

After the file is downloaded into Excel, I found that some of the sorting does not work.

The Excel sort gets confused trying to sort the end price column which I think is cause by the currency symbol being part of the field. Not only does the sort separate the currencies into different groups (which is OK and expected), it also can’t sort in ascending order for instance. As an example, with the currency in Britisj pounds, it starts at auctions that end up at £100 going up and at the end of that it switches to auctions ending at £60.00 going up (I had ascending selected). Similar with $ and €.

The other column that doesn’t sort right is the date column. It sorts everything by day first, so one gets 1 June, 1 July, 2 June 2 July etc.

But still, I can manipulate the Excel file a lot easier than the JBW website, so this is a big step in the right direction!