Mulitple snipe feature

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How does this multiple snipe feature work? If you snipe say 3 items in a group for the same bid abount does it then cancel the other 2 snipes if you win one auction in the group?

Has there been any occasion where the software bid on all 3 of the items by mistake? I am a little reluctant in this area. Thanks for the info to a new user of JBid.

By the way thanks to the creator for making this available for free. It is a wonderful program!!! Now if we could just get rid of the idiots selling it for profit on Ebay and stealing another man’s hard work.

Perhaps the way to get around this is for the author to post on ebay and offer it for a miniscule amount to undercut the sellers.This would make it non profitable. Or by contacting Ebay and making it known they are stealing. If ebay even cares which I highly doubt.