Check if Jbid is still working?

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Hi, I think this is a great programme, It’s the only way I interact with ebay and I’d be in a pickle if it ever stopped working due to ebay changing code or whatever.

It’s been my unfortunate experience to be using jbid to snipe on auctions just after they’ve changed code and before a new version of jbid was released. So I was sitting there infront of the computer, watching it snipe, but bid did not go through because of whatever ebay change was made. This has happened twice now.

Anyway is there something I can do a few minutes before an auction finishes to ensure that jbid will still work with ebay. My idea was to bid using jbid, rather than snipe and bid at an amount that was less than the current price. And if ebay gives me an error message, telling me too low, than the snipe should work?

What do people think about that?