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Jun 14, 2016
Avatar jimg 6 post(s)

Topic: General sniping question

You may wish to choose a snipe time shorter than the default 30 seconds, although making it too short (10 seconds or so) can result in missed bids. Many people re reporting snipes being bypassed, so be careful.

Also, BE SURE YOUR CLOCK is accurate. Be sure to use your OS features to set your clock to a reliable time server. JBidwatcher will attempt to make adjustments for a mis-set clock, but it works best if you set your clock to be accurate to a common time standard.

After you set your computer clock, then synchrnize your machine to eBay’s clock. Use the Server tab. First check the delta time using the “Time Information’”. The number reported is in milliseconds, so a number reported as 1000 represents a full second difference between the auction clock and your computer clock. Then Synchronize and recheck. You should see a lower number reported.

Jun 5, 2016
Avatar ivan 11 post(s)

Topic: General sniping question

when ? look at the configuration, sniping tab.
yes, the computer needs to be on and connected to Internet in order JBW is able to snipe.
Take a holiday or leave the computer on !