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May 14, 2014
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Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Tips and Tricks / Bring back Multisniping (2.5.5)

I don’t really understand why multi-snipe has been suspended. Many multi-snipes have a significant period between auctions and it seems silly to disallow its use in these circumstances because it may not work correctly when some auctions in the multi-snipe finish too close together.

If you are concerned about people ‘getting it wrong’ (and one job of a software developer is to protect the user from himself!!) you could check the proximity of each auction close when a multisnipe is created\modified and disallow any auction that closes too close to another auction (highlight both auctions and provide msg)

You could define ‘too close’ as the same as the regular auction update cycle or have it as a configuration parameter (with a suitable minimum value.)

Just my 10c!