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Apr 18, 2009
Avatar Morgan Schweers 1,204 post(s)

Topic: Login Status Yellow


Yep; that’s why the tooltip for the Mature Audience flag reads:

The Mature Audiences portion of eBay is not available to non-US users, and causes the login process to be much more complex and error prone. Do not enable this unless you have to.

I’d remove it entirely, but there’s a goodly number of US users who sell and/or bid in the Mature Audiences category whose only working monitoring (for sellers) or sniping (for bidders) tool is JBidwatcher, because all the other tool developers are unwilling to do the work to make the Mature Audiences login work.

It’s also tempting to disable the option entirely if the user selects a browse-to site other than, but I’ve been loathe to give the browse-to selection more meaning. Most people believe (although I’ve tried to word things such that it’s clearly not) that the site listed is the one it’ll bid on, log in to, etc… (It’s JUST where the application sends you when you choose to ‘show in browser’ an item.) Still, it’s a valid consideration.

The basic answer is that 90% of users shouldn’t check that checkbox. It’ll probably mess them up more than do anything useful.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Apr 18, 2009
Avatar rainbow 2 post(s)

Topic: Login Status Yellow

I’m an overseas bidder (France) , and my status went to Yellow when I switched on the “I plan to watch and bid on Mature audience” flag, on the “Configuration Manager” / “Ebay” tag.

Seems to come from the fact that we have not such an adult section / restriction on

Anyway, when I switched off that mature audience flag, I went back green.

Mar 15, 2009
Avatar Gomisan 2 post(s)

Topic: Login Status Yellow

Since upgrading to the latest version of JBidWatcher, my login status hasn’t gone Green. Mouseover tells me that :

“Last login did not clearly fail, but no valid cookies were received”

All my current watched auctions are displayed, but a recent snipe didn’s seem to work. I’m going to try another one shortly, but would rather be sure it’s going to work, I hate missing auctions!

Any suggestions?