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Feb 11, 2019
Avatar dlong 8 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Captcha fix - Manual Login

Is there anyway to patch or work-around jbidwatcher so that when it encounter Captcha, that it shows the window to manually login in… or EVEN an option just manually login all the time?

I had the Captcha login error a week ago… so I left it alone and now, 6-7 days later, tried jbidwatcher again and jbidwatcher is saying that it is encounter Captcha (still).

I have logged into eBay from other devices and have not seen the Captcha…. at this point, I’m wondering if jbidwatcher is even encounter Captcha.

Different question: Is jbidwatcher abandon-ware at this point?

Jan 23, 2019
Avatar mikebutash 3 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Newest pre5 unusable for years under Linux(s)

So I’ve used jbidwatcher for a very long time now (8-10+yr?), and the last 2.99-pre5 with ruby scripting enabled broke it from working on like every linux I’ve used, now for years with different distributions, including Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

I’ve loaded jruby and about every other lib I know to try and fix compatibility, but under linux your jar doesn’t seem to look in the right place for whatever it wants. The debugs are vague, but in any regard, jbidwatcher doesn’t launch and doesn’t work in this version under linux since enabling default the scripting. I use an older version (JBidwatcher 2.5.6-11-gac197d6), highly dysfunctional, but it’s otherwise usable for snipes as long as I don’t expect it not to lose the result after successful bid.

I can’t use 2.99-pre5 due to ruby dependencies, so using the prior version under derby db randomly loses/adds/corrupts entries every time it gets restarted. Not sure if this is Derby broken or JBidwatcher. Pre-auction works, keeps cost, snipe, and will snipe successfully. If I add an auction and do not bid, it will randomly move to complete, or not, which is more often the case. I think meaning it’s not updating the DB, the auction is more often just gone after completion.

Even more odd, occasionally I restart the desktop or system, and it auto-starts, with like 50 duplicate historical entries of the same things, sometimes very old from my historical searches. Sometimes it starts with nothing but one or two random old entries. It’s rather perplexing what would cause such random behaviour for like the past 2 years across both ubuntu AND arch linux using mostly the same java 1.8’s.

It seems I’m the last person on earth using linux with jbidwatcher (only reason I use anything java, period – it should die, please.), so for what it’s worth, jbidwatcher hasn’t worked properly in some time now. It would be nice to see it work again, or a successful port to something not oracle-owned and molested (and forgotten).

Oct 5, 2018
Avatar Charlie 15 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / JBW Not Getting Watched Items

Hey everyone,

Not much activity around here these days, but thought I would post anyway. Want to start by saying how much I have appreciated Morgan’s JBidWatcher, it’s done a great job for me for many years now. I truly hope he can find time to continue to at least keep JBW updated to work with eBay’s never-ending changes.

I believe it was several months ago that “Get My eBay Items” stopped working. Sniping seems to be working OK still though. I’m still able to manually add an auction by item number, so it it’s not the end of the world, but sure makes things a bit more inconvenient. Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions to fix it if it’s just me?


Sep 3, 2018
Avatar mikebutash 3 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Captcha (yet again)

Hi, I’ve been unable to use jbidwatcher for a few months now, getting the damn captcha for the first time after years of use, but following all normal advice found, I’ve been unable to get it to go away. I use ebay in a browser, logged out and in, from entirely new profiles even, never once get a captcha, yet trying jbidwatcher after days, even weeks, it still errors on the captcha.

Wondering if ebay just changed how it works again…

Jun 22, 2018
Avatar arnstein 7 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Windows 10 - importing DB from previous installation

I exported the jbidwatcher folder from my old Win 7 PC to replace the one from my new install on a Win 10 machine. But I can’t find the location of the folder to replace. Where does the DB and other files live in Win 10? Thanks.

Jun 7, 2018
Avatar MEC2 55 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Zombieware, but a new problem

I know little is likely to change with jbw and this is likely as good as it gets, but a new problem is that completed auctions are now being forwarded to auctions eBay wants to market to you – so your completed item suddenly changes description, price, and ending date, but it’s not the original item you added, it’s the new push ad item eBay wants you to now buy. Wreaking quite a bit of havoc for those who do watch items that complete and like to maintain a reference…

Also noticed old items suddenly reappear from previous years, same dates, as coming up – as in they ended two days in the future. And I still am not getting the blue check on items that are won. Something going on there as well.

Feb 28, 2018
Avatar zappram 277 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Won items not marked as won

Most all my winnings from Nov.2017 till now are moved to completed tab and color blue, except last one is color red still on Feb.8th,2018, but it was moved to completed tab so I know it’s done correctly, and I don’t have the date issue on my end.

Are you on Windows?
I am on Mac OS.

Feb 24, 2018
Avatar MEC2 55 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Won items not marked as won

Last two items sniped and won do not get the green check nor text in blue.

Also noticing completed items getting dates in the future – march 2018 as end dates. Obviously, that ain’t right…


Feb 19, 2018
Avatar Tigger 1 post

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Unable to download/install jbw

I used to use jbw quite a bit in the past, just dropped out of the habit. I have tried several times to pull down a fresh install and it keeps being deleted by Norton Internet Security as a medium security threat. I am on Windows 10 64 bit latest build running Norton Internet Security
Details of error…
Threat name WS.Reputation.1
Thousands of users in Norton community have used this file.
This file was released 2 years 1 month ago
This file is medium risk.

Threat type: Insight Network Threat. There are many indications that this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe.
This threat has been removed. No further action required.

I really liked jbw when I used us use it, nothing came even close. I did sign up for Gixen in last year, can’t remember why, it seemed to have a link to jbw if i recall, but haven’t had any joy with that either. I would gladly make another donation to jbw, if it worked anything like it used to.

Really would like to get something working again, any advice appreciated – Thx

Feb 14, 2018
Avatar zappram 277 post(s)

Comment Topic: Announcements / Temporarily despammed

I continue to have success using JBW, with my Mac OS X, now 10.13.3

Things are doing quite well actually. thumbnails, color, moving to right tabs, etc. I don’t know why, but I just keep using it, and when I win, I am happy.

Thanks again Morgan.
Life is good
Time – keeps ticking….

Feb 12, 2018
Avatar Morgan Schweers 1,204 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Development / Missing source code?

The ‘nonap’ library is under my github repositories ; I wrote it to prevent OS X from forcing JBidwatcher to go to sleep when the computer was otherwise awake.

And yeah, the unit tests are awful. :(

— Morgan

Feb 12, 2018
Avatar Morgan Schweers 1,204 post(s)

Comment Topic: Announcements / Temporarily despammed

I’ve removed a few hundred spam messages from the forums; most of them you couldn’t see, as they were already recognized and blocked, but around 5% got through, and I’m sorry about that.

There were plans for a native Mac OS X version (I built a pretty good prototype), but they’ve gone by the wayside, unfortunately, lost in the maelstrom of things I need to do. I would love to take some time and get JBidwatcher back up to fighting strength.

I still have constant reports of successful snipes; I haven’t abandoned the application. I just don’t have much time, and it seems to be running reasonably well.

— Morgan

[p.s. I say ‘temporarily’ despammed, because I expect the spammers to come back, continue trying to post. I’ll try to keep up with it.]

Jan 30, 2018
Avatar mrnuxi 3 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Development / derbyLocale_os.jar missing

In run JUnit tests for jbidwatcher (cloned from the git repo), I hit a failure due the missing jar file “derbyLocale_os.jar”.


Jan 25, 2018
Avatar mrnuxi 3 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Development / Missing source code?

On Windows 10, using git, IntelliJ Idea, and Java JDK 9 I tried building jbidwatcher after cloning the git repo [master]. src/com/jbidwatcher/app/ failed to compile due to the missing import:

import com.cyberfox.util.platform.osx.NoNap;

looking at the src tree, under com/cyberfox/util/platform, there are no subdirectories, just and …

I suspect the “osx” is an apple-related dir

Update: I commented out the import and the section of code that had:
if(Platform.isMac()) {

Now it builds and I am moving on to running the Unit tests (about half of which fail) … investigating.


Jan 21, 2018
Avatar barans29 1 post

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / No countdown clock on W7 and W10

For some time now jbid has not shown a live countdown clock in the last minutes of an auction when running on windows 7 or windows 10, you have to keep clicking the auction or change tabs. It still works on windows XP! Ideas?

Oh, and I just had to sign up again as there is no “forgot password” link on the forums, should have written it down, been a member since 2010.

Nov 27, 2017
Avatar Krusty 8 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Date ending issues.

I posted this before but can’t find it & the forum now gives errors in search.

Many watched items are going to the completed tab when they still have many days till they end. An example is today is November 28 & one item ending on December 1st is in the completed tab (& was when I added it). This makes watching items difficult as you need to check all tabs?

I’m guessing that sadly JBidwatcher is kind of defunct nowadays & there is no longer any support? This is a great pity!

Nov 25, 2017
Avatar Spire 1 post

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / "The computer may have slept through the snipe time!"

I’ve been using JBidwatcher for years. I intentionally checked to make sure my computer didn’t fall asleep. Suddenly it says :The computer may have slept through the snipe time!". What’s up? Disappointed…

Nov 15, 2017
Avatar sjfmfl 1 post

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Setting Up Says EBAY CAPTCHA

I am trying to set up JBID and when I try to login to my EBAY I get a message that says EBAY HAS PUT UP A CAPTCHA TO PREVENT PROGRAMS FROM LOGGING IN LOGIN FAILED

Nov 6, 2017
Avatar Krusty 8 post(s)

Comment Topic: General Sniping Discussion / Items going to "completed"?

For some time now I have found that it’s hard to monitor items as many that still have several days before they end are going to the completer tag. This makes it difficult unless you actually look in this tab.
I perceive that Jbidwatcher no longer has any support? It’s a great programme but I imagine that supporting it is a thankless chore!

Oct 21, 2017
Avatar Docfxit_ 3 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Non of my searches are working

Non of my searches are working.
This post suggests dragging and dropping. I can drag an auction but I can’t figure out how to drag a search.

I had someone that knows Java look at the source code. Version: 2.99pre5-2-g7251940
He is thinking ebay moved from CGI to web services.
To me that means JbidWatcher isn’t working for anyone. Not just me.
Is that true?
Can anyone get JbidWatcher working?
I’m using Win7


Sep 30, 2017
Avatar IivAeoHj9ee2 1 post

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Tips and Tricks / my portable command line option

Here is my command line options I use to run JBidwatcher-2.99pre5 for Windows.

Hope it is useful for some one.

Just add thise line below to a batch file and save (example jbidwatcher.bat)
There are two important things you should do.
1 Make sure the path for javaw.exe and JBidwatcher are correct
2 -Duser.home=D:\dat\jbidw (change the path and folder name where you want to put Jbidwatcher home directory where it keeps all data.

"C:\pro\jre8x64\bin\javaw.exe" -Xmx256m -Duser.home=D:\dat\jbidw \
-classpath "C:\pro\JBidwatcher\JBidwatcher-2.99pre5.exe;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\annotations.jar; \
C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\aopalliance.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\apple.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\derby.jar; \
C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\guice-3.0.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\guice-assistedinject-3.0.jar; \
C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\javax.inject.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\jbidwatcher; \
C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\jbidwatcher\gems.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\jDeskMetrics.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\jdesktop.jar; \
C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\jl1.0.1.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\jline-2.11.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\jruby-incomplete.jar; \
C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\json_simple-1.1.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\jsoup-1.7.1.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\jsr305-1.3.9.jar; \
C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\l2fprod-common-fontchooser.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\mahalo.jar; \
C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\mysql-connector-java-5.1.7-bin.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\readline.jar;C:\pro\JBidwatcher\lib\txtmark.jar" \

(edited: The above should all be on one line, remove the \ (space & backslash) at the end of each line.)

Sep 25, 2017
Avatar hik 1 post

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Quest about JBW -need your help

Hi. Dear friends,please help me to understand – can JBidW do what i need or not :)

For example – i need to sniper bid on ALL Auctions for any lots “Men T-shirt” with price <20USD and freeshipping. When new lots will be list – JBidW auto add it to my queue for sniping. Again and again.

Can it do this? i need your support very much

Aug 16, 2017
Avatar zappram 277 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Searches failing

Yes, thanks, that brings back the thumbnails too. Well, if you have saved searches and listings, then you need to rebuild those too.

Aug 15, 2017
Avatar dz3 2 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Searches failing

OK in the end I moved/archived my entire JBW preferences folder and started again fro scratch. This not only solved the problem with searches but also got the thumbnails back which is an added bonus.

Aug 10, 2017
Avatar dz3 2 post(s)

Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Searches failing

My saved searches have stopped working (late July)
I can still add by dragging but both new text searches and cut/paste searches from eBay all fail “No new results from for search…”

This is really bad for me. Any thoughts? Should I archive all the past data and start again?