2.1beta 4 Watched items missing workaround

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Avatar djaural 5 post(s)

I have found a workaround for my eBay watched items not being loaded…

Open JBid Watcher 2.0beta 11

Select “Get My eBay items”
this will now load the items into your preferences.

Quit and launch JBid Watcher 2.1beta 4

Keep up the great work Morgan!!!!!

Avatar djaural 5 post(s)

Well this doesn’t always work, when you need to get more new items.
I found I had to delete all my items.

Then reload.

WOrked a few times, but now back to being stuck with it only loading about 5 items.

Avatar cyberandroid 6 post(s)

Having the same problems for a couple of weeks now… I have tried the 200 items per page and starting different versions of JBid and then trying the latest version to no avail.

Anyone else???

Thanks for any input.