Variable snipe times for items

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Has there been any request for variable snipe times for different items?

I ask because I tend to use different snipe times for different items when doing a manual snipe. The times will depend on a variety of issues – including how good my connection seems to be that day!

If I have an item which no one seems to have much interest in, I might want to manually snipe at 20 seconds before – maybe 30 if my connection has been a bit iffy. That gives time for a retry if anything goes wrong. If there is a lot of interest in the item, and I suspect that it is being tracked up to sale point, the snipe really needs to be 5 seconds or less. Of course, this risks losing the snipe altogether, since I find that a 1 or 2 second variation between the snipe delay I specify and the ebay record is not unusual for me. Perhaps I should get a more reliable broadband…

So I balance how much I want the item, how much I am willing to pay, and how late I can bid. If I don’t want it too much, and don’t want to spend much, I’ll bid very late, perhaps 3 or 4 secs. The more I want it, the earlier I will bid, and the higher my max goes. At the limit, of course, this results in over-the-top bids very early in the game from people who just MUST have some rarity.

So I, at least, would use a different snipe time feature for different items. Would anyone else?