2.0b5 displays won auctions in red?!

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Avatar kliere 11 post(s)

As of 2.0b5, completed and won auctions are no longer listed in blue but in red. Guess that’s a minor bug in b5. ;-)



Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Yeah that would probably be a bug. Unless the items are (private) or (dutch), in which case it’s just a problem dealing with eBay’s recent changes. (Specifically, figuring out that you’ve won the item.)

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar kliere 11 post(s)

Hi Morgan,

Neither nor, the won auctions were actually blue-colored in b3.

Btw. ebay.de that is, with JBW running on OS X 10.5.4.



Avatar BugMagnet 26 post(s)

Using v2.0b8, a few days ago I created a tab for items won. I set the options to automatically move future won items to that tab and I manually moved 10 recent auction wins to that tab.

The description text for all was red. I selected all of the items and did ‘update auction’ and then the description text for all 10 of the items turned blue.

As I reported elsewhere, I also added a tab for Lost items, and moved a few items i failed to win there. Something happened about this time with JBW and the item menus stopped appearing. I close and restart, the Lost tab and items in it disappeared. And I noticed all of the items in my won tab had changed back to red. I selected all and did ‘update auction’ but it had no effect this time. They stayed red.

I then updated to v2.0b9 to see if that would affect any of the quirks i was now experiencing.

Today, all of the items were still red. When I selected all and did the ‘update auction’, 2 of the 10 turned blue. The rest stayed red. Then i noticed that there was a small green check icon in the status column only in the items that had turned blue.

I looked at the Help > Explain Colors and Icons file but found that the icon images do not show, only squares with a red X where i assume an icon image would normally show. but that i think is a different issue. Most have some icon color and shape described so I can rule out those. The Icon for ‘Winning’ is not similarly described so perhaps this is represented by the green check mark.

Aside from that, it appears that JBW is not recognizing most won items. I don’t know if it is corruption in my database or configuration or what. but since the OP reported this in beta5 also, maybe it is something in the core code. But if that, i don’t understand why it worked a few days ago and not now.