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But by no means Primal Factor only way of therapy. Encoding is often blamed for not proving hope. A man comes back to alcohol, trying to make up for his lost time, so he drinks even more … In addition, encoding has terms and rarely thinking about what will happen when Primal Factor term expires. And classical methods of treating alcoholism have long been known – these are combinations of psychotropic drugs, "said doctor toxicologist Robert Badar. What does “encode” from alcoholism mean? 1984 Russian doctor AR Dovzhenko has developed a method based on “drinking-dead” alcohol addiction, which he called “coding”. Although initially Primal Factor medical specialists of Primal Factor former Soviet Union have accepted this method of treatment critically, he is currently one of Primal Factor most popular among alcohol-dependent people in post-Soviet countries. However, according to speakers, this method is incomprehensible in