Can`t snipe on FP maked auctions

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Avatar Frank P. fro... 71 post(s)

ooops, the ugly null(FP) returns …

auction number 180581877024

Avatar winesto 1 post

It looks like “FP” depends on PayPal :
auction 200540720141 with PayPal all seems to be OK
auction 150516968032 ( without PayPal ) “€1.00 (FP)” , unable to snipe
auction 170563275809 ( without PayPa and self carryingl ) “€null (FP)” , unable to snipe
after switching on debug, error.log says :

#Tue Nov 09 14:50:25 CET 2010: JBidwatcher 2.1.2-
Tue Nov 09 14:50:25 CET 2010: Sun Microsystems Inc. Java, version 1.6.0_22 on Linux
Tue Nov 09 14:50:25 CET 2010: Logging to /home/wrs/.jbidwatcher/errors.2.log
Tue Nov 09 14:50:26 CET 2010: Scripting is not enabled.
Tue Nov 09 14:50:27 CET 2010: Loading listings from the database (50/56/56 entries, 56/56 auctions)
Tue Nov 09 14:50:27 CET 2010: Done with the initial load (got 49 active entries)
Tue Nov 09 14:50:28 CET 2010: Interactive commands not loaded!
Tue Nov 09 14:50:32 CET 2010: Time delta with is -4729
Tue Nov 09 14:50:33 CET 2010: Time delta with is -4216
Tue Nov 09 14:53:31 CET 2010: Failed to get I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.
Tue Nov 09 14:53:31 CET 2010: Saving to: /home/wrs/.jbidwatcher/JBidWatch.cfg
Tue Nov 09 14:54:34 CET 2010: Need to redirect to:
Tue Nov 09 14:54:59 CET 2010: Need to redirect to:
Tue Nov 09 15:13:47 CET 2010: Saving to: /home/wrs/.jbidwatcher/JBidWatch.cfg

Avatar Frank P. fro... 71 post(s)

another strange behaviour on 130453708414 (Cheri Guitar from Austria)
started with “1 Euro OR FP 250 Euro”, JBW showed just €250.00(FP)
after I was bidding 1 Euro via browser, the FP remained, though JBW recognized me as the highest bidder (blue auction name, checkmark in “status”, full name in “high bidder”)

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Yeah, some listings were still having issues. I’ve got a fix for most issues I’ve seen so far, including post-end ‘FP’ marking.

I’m still going over folks feedback, so I can try to release a version that handles everything folks have reported.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar Biqu3 1 post

320614010693 , still the null(FP) and I would like to win this auction!!!

How can I do that? Where do I have to put this folder “cyberfox-jbidwatcher-450795e”?

Best regards

Avatar toby 1 post

Hi Morgan
I had problems using the sniper due to the FP problem. “Normal” auctions are displayed as null(FP).
As far as I can see, the problem is not related to paypal.
Thanks a lot for making the source available again.
I’m using an account on I live in Luxembourg – so my observations might by different from other guys.

I found two problems:
The number of bids is not extracted correctly:
I changed the config value ebayServer.bidCount to a hardcoded value “bids” and changed the code to use the values before the pattern.

The currency and value of the top bid are two consecutive separate values. I changed the code to match the currency (EUR) and append
the next value. I removed the trailing non ‘d’ from the pattern.

The content looks like:
….Current bid:, EUR, 25.50, 2, bids, Refresh bidhistory, Approximately, £21.69, …..

Please find attached a patch containing my changes.

With kind regards and the best wishes to you and your family


diff r 94b6115e6982
- a/ Thu Nov 18 19:54:54 2010 0100
+ b/ Thu Nov 18 21:15:12 2010 0100
@ -28,7 +28,7 @
ebayServer.titleDisney=^Disney at ebay item.*
ebayServer.titleCollections=^Great Collections item.*
ebayServer.bidCountRegex=(?:var itemNumBids = |itemNumBids:)"Bids([0-9]
ebayServer.firstBid=First bid
ebayServer.yourMaxBid=Your maximum bid:
diff -r 9e1f06136371 src/com/jbidwatcher/auction/server/ebay/
- a/src/com/jbidwatcher/auction/server/ebay/ Wed Nov 17 23:03:51 2010 0100
+ b/src/com/jbidwatcher/auction/server/ebay/ Thu Nov 18 21:16:08 2010 +0100
@ -734,6 +734,10 @
// bid are ‘Current bid’, ‘Starting bid’, ‘Lowest bid’,
// ‘Winning bid’ so far.
String cvtCur = mDocument.getNextContentAfterRegex(T.s(“ebayServer.currentBid”));
+ if (“EUR”.equals(("" + cvtCur).trim())) {
+ String value = " " + mDocument.grepTheHundredth(T.s(“ebayServer.currentBid”), null, 1);
+ cvtCur += " " + value;
+ }
setUSCur(getUSCurrency(getCurBid(), mDocument));

@ -852,7 +856,8 @

private int getBidCount(JHTML doc, int quantity) {

- String rawBidCount = doc.getNextContentAfterRegex(T.s(“ebayServer.bidCount”));
+ //String rawBidCount = doc.getNextContentAfterRegex(T.s(“ebayServer.bidCount”));
+ String rawBidCount = doc.getContentBeforeContent(“bids”);
if (rawBidCount == null) {
rawBidCount = doc.getContentBeforeContent(“See history”);
if(rawBidCount != null && rawBidCount.matches(“^(Purchased|Bid).*”)) {
diff r 9e1f06136371 src/com/jbidwatcher/util/html/
- a/src/com/jbidwatcher/util/html/ Wed Nov 17 23:03:51 2010 0100
+ b/src/com/jbidwatcher/util/html/ Thu Nov 18 21:16:08 2010 +0100
@ -467,7 +467,11 @
return null;

private String grepAfter(String match, String ignore) {
+ return grepTheHundredth(match, ignore, 0);
+ }
+ public String grepTheHundredth(String match, String ignore, int skipFields) {
for (Iterator it = contentList.iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
String contentStep =;
if(contentStep.matches(match)) {
@ -476,6 +480,9 @
String potential =;
if(ignore == null || !potential.matches(ignore)) {
contentLookup(contentStep, false);
+ for (int i=0;i

Avatar gatto_mannaro 7 post(s)

hello all!!
same problems here (
when the auction does not use paypal, in jbidwatcher FP happears instead the actual price

Avatar Eric 22 post(s)


I followed the instruction of Klausi3451 because I have Ubuntu 10.04, but 32bit. On my laptop I cannot start it. I’m no expert, but I cannot find any *.jar file in the folder?


Avatar trupf 1 post


@Eric: you need to install the package sun-java6-jdk. I also used the command “ant jar” instead of “ant beta” (this will just build the jar file and not the versions for other platforms).


Avatar Eric 22 post(s)


I have installed sun-java6-jdk, followed the steps, but get with the last command: Unable to access jarfile /home/jbidwatcher/JBidwatcher-2.1.2.jar. In this folder is no *.jar file. Nevertheless, the original jbidwatcher file is in the /opt folder. Unfortunatelly I now can’t either start the “old” version in the /opt folder.


Avatar Frank P. fro... 71 post(s)

… my main problem now is: JBW is in coma state most of the time, clicking somewhere doesn’t show reaction for centuries (mean: a time so long you might have forgotten on which of your actions it does react when it’s finally waking up for seconds …)
Sad, and a behavior former versions didn’t suffer from.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

@Frank P. – that’s typically a symptom of memory exhaustion. I’d like to know if you’re getting errors in your log files, which might show me what’s causing it.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

I can’t find version 2.1.3pre1-0-g450795e either to see if it resolves this problem for me.
Can someone please poist a link?
I need it for Mac OS 10.6


Avatar zappram 277 post(s)

JBW 2.1.3pre3 drastically improved the performance issue at:

for Windows

for mac:

You will like it :D

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

Just downloaded and installed it on the Mac and wow – does jbidwatcher ever launch quickly now compared to before plus the one auction I wanted to snipe on (which I couldn’t before because of the “FP” problem) is now snipable.

Avatar sg.2001 3 post(s)

Thanks so much! It’s really amazing how fast JBW can be :-).

NB, as for us Linuxer, the .jar file can also be found there:

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

All my current auctions now show the correct amount and the null (FP) is gone except for one, item 200548599322.
No idea why this one is different – it’s a German auction but so are some of the others that now show correctly.

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

>>> Thanks so much! It’s really amazing how fast JBW can be :-). <<<

I agree,
I think another paypal contribution is in order – I’ll wait to see what happens to my latest snipes to determine the amount.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

The official, full 2.1.3 version is out at !

I’ll be putting up a Windows installer tomorrow, but for now Windows just has the standalone executable.

Best of luck with your auctions!

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar siluan 12 post(s)

Thank you Morgan for the new 2.1.3 release. :)

Unfortunately the null(FP) is still there.
From what i can detect the auctions with the null(FP) issue do not offer paypal.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

@siluan – Can you give me some item numbers for items that are still having the problem?

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

I just downloaded and tried version 2.1.3 on OS 10.6.4
Not only did it fix the one remaining problem auction 200548599322, I could actually go back into my completed auction list, select all the “null” auctions, click on the “update auction” drop down menu and they were all updated to an amount and the number of bidders.
I didn’t actually check if the information is now correct but I assume it will be, no reason for it not to be.

However, I have one question if Morgan reads this.
On the earlier versions of jbidwatcher, I could do a slow double click on the jbidwatcher entry in my application folder on the Mac which would change the highlight of the entry to a lighter colour and allow me to modily the text – I would add the version number after the “jbidwatcher” application.
That doesn’t seem to work anymore.
I tried it on two other applications in my application folder, it still works there and I also know that this worked on older versions of jbidwatcher.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

@krs99 – You might try using Cmd-I (Get Info) and making sure the Sharing & Permissions give you read & write access to it. Since I’m shipping it on a read-only Disk Image (an accident of how it’s being constructed, that I’m not really sure I can fix), it’s possible that when it was copied, it transferred the read-only permissions to the Applications folder.

You should also be able to use the Cmd-I dialog to rename the file.

Caveat Emptor: if you rename JBidwatcher, the auto-update may not work correctly anymore.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar siluan 12 post(s)

I`m back, so i`m a bit late on answering.
200552335789 or 220709307342 for instance.

Avatar Flashbugga 1 post

Ouch The cant snipe for:null has returned Ebay item 300594388088