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This is a brief update of the status, and plans for JBidWatcher…

I’ve actually used JBidWatcher a lot lately, including sniping on auctions, monitoring auctions, and generally keeping good track of them.

It runs as a single binary under both Windows and Linux right now, without any problems. (In fact, my primary development is under Linux, with a Windows box that maps the development directory and runs the same .class files using the same configuration files.) It supports drag and drop of auction URL’s straight off of Netscape onto the program on both platforms.

It hasn’t been released yet, because it needs a little bit of configuration to get it going. I want to make the program automatically handle that initial configuration, instead of making you create a text configuration file. It also isn’t handling drag-and-drop in a piece of the window, which makes it non-obvious how to add auctions.

There’s also a memory leak in the version which has colored text in the main display, but the memory leak is someplace deep in the Swing HTML libraries. I’m hoping 1.3 fixes that.

The code is being build mainly with Jikes, although I try ‘javac’ again every so often, to make sure there’s nothing incompatible being put in.

It’s very clean code, in my opinion, and remarkably resiliant.

Ongoing goals are: release a pre-alpha version for people to try, thread the updates, clean up a lot of the HTML parsing so more conditions are recognized, fix it so that it doesn’t load all the auctions before starting, encrypt your configuration information on disk, and consider adding more auction sites (Yahoo, Amazon, etc.), since the code DOES support that relatively easily.

Please feel free to comment, and file feature requests!

— Morgan Schweers