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There’s been a lot of recent activity on the source. Here’s some of the primary features and changes so far in CVS since the 0.2 release:

Browser proxy connections so the browser user doesn’t have to log into anything that JBidWatcher is already logged into.

Browser monitoring of the JBidWatcher state (you can retrieve the table of auctions w/ info remotely, and you will eventually be able to remote control it via browser).

Time resynchronizes every half hour.

HOPEFULLY correctly supports timezones, but since I’m in the timezone with the only server I’ve implemented, I haven’t tested this yet.

Constantly updating time display (clock), showing the time at the default auction server. (Which is default will matter when I implement other auction sites than eBay.)

Adult auction bidding/sniping works (this appeared to be broken).

There’s a ‘show status’ option which tells you the last thing that was done to that auction item, and how successful it was. (This will eventually also be put into a log.)

Even less hardcoding of ebay-related information. (It’s getting to the point where I may implement Yahoo auctions soon, just to clean out any ugliness that still remains.)

Removed the ‘Track Bids’ concept for now, so that I could set the configuration item up for enable/disabling the proxy links (for ‘view in browser’ and remote-browsing).

Improved configuration dialog consistency.

Sniped bids show up in the list as green, so you can instantly tell the difference between things you’ve only bid on and things you have a pending snipe on.

You can now cancel snipes w/o exitting, editing the auctions.cfg file, etc., etc… It’s a right-click option now.

It now honors the configuration option for whether you’re adult registered or not.

Many of the menu options added are not working, and some will even throw NullPointerExceptions, as they’re just tied to the right-click menu, but don’t have the same context information yet.

Of the actual bugs that I’m investigating right now, the most annoying is the apparent memory leak in the coloration code. It makes it very difficult to use under Windows 98… I don’t know if it’s the JRE or if it’s something somehow in my code, but one tool (JProbe) claims that the number of Color objects grows uncontrollably.

Bugs to expect will be fixed before the next release:

eBay removing an auction, and us losing the data because we presume it’s a valid auction.

Bidding not working on adult auctions.

Auction Update not working under Windows 2000.

Connectivity to the server is not reported.

If I get to features, I hope to work on:

configuration tabs (a browser tab, one for each auction server, and some JBidWatcher specific options).

Double-clicking an auction should instantly request an update from the server.

Add storing to the save-file whether we’ve done a final update on an auction or not, so on launch it only updates auctions that we need to update.

The next version will be named 0.3.0alpha (should probably be called pre-alpha, but I started this naming convention, so I’ll stick with it).

This is a call for people to try it, test it, abuse it, and report every niggling annoyance you get. Feedback is critical!

Thank you!

Morgan Schweers