We have a new mascot!

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Previously I was using a cute picture I’d taken of a friends parrot as the splash screen… A friend of mine convinced me I needed something better, and had another friend draw up a REALLY pretty graphic for me! It’s a pun on the ‘JBidWatcher’ name, ‘Jay Bidwatcher’. (Although I occasionally slip and call it Jay Birdwatcher… grin) It’s the jbidwatch.jpg file, and is now the default splash screen on startup. I’ll probably make an icon out of it also, so the project can have a default icon as well.

If you have CVS access, I highly recommend using that, because the volume of changes in CVS over the last release are huge. I’ll be putting out a release within a week, hopefully, if I can get the XML save-file format to save and load cleanly by then. That will allow the event logging capabilities to work better, and many other useful features.

Stay tuned. BIG changes are coming!

— Morgan Schweers, cyberfox