Time Sync not working right

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Avatar (SF) Bryan W... 1 post

I note that figureDate() keeps bringing the date in in the local time zone. That’s affecting the “official time” display on the GUI.

Fixing this means making assumptions about the date format (e.g., picking up the last “word” from ebay, and making a TimeZone from it.)

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Actually, figureDate uses an auction-site specific date/time string to convert the date. eBay’s is “EEEE, MMM dd, yyyy HH:mm:ss z” which includes the timezone at the end there.

Setting my timezone under Windows to EDT, I see the problem you’re referring to. For the time display on the main page what’s really being displayed is the time in your local timezone adjusted for the drift between your local clock and

eBay’s server time.

Things like sniping are handled correctly, for instance, but the display looks odd. In fact, everything will behave as if eBay is in your local timezone, and will work just fine based on that. Unfortunately, that’s disconcerting when compared to looking at the actual eBay pages. The issue with keeping the displayed time synchronized with eBay is that I don’t keep updating the eBay time every second (of course). Instead I update regularly, every half hour to correct for any potential drift and recalibrate for changing page-load times. I believed what I had to do was add code to simply set the resultant timeZone to the correct one, but in digging deeper, I’ve realized that I addressed this problem before…and failed to do it correctly. The Calender class under Java incorrectly handles timezones being imported from a Date object. Instead, it sets the timezones to the local time zone no matter what. The problem is actually in setOfficialTimeDifference. I don’t know how to fix it just now, but I’m working on it. Sorry it doesn’t work right. I’ll try to get it fixed before 0.6, which is a release I’m working on right now. 0.6 will fix the new login problems with eBay, add a bunch of cleanups to the UI and code, and a few other useful features. This bug is now on the list as well. Thank you very much for taking the time to report problems! I can add features in a vacuum, but unless I see a bug myself, without anybody reporting bugs I can’t fix them. — Morgan Schweers, Cyberfox