Working on 0.7 release

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Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

The 0.7pre2 version in CVS SHOULD be the final version for 0.7 release. I’ve started working at a new job, which is sucking my time away from JBidwatcher. Hopefully I’ll find a few spare moments to finish up and do the full release.

I also have a ‘quick start’ guide which I’ve written to a few eBay users, giving details on how to download the JRE and JBidwatcher, and get it up and running. I’ll be putting that in the docs section soon, and then on the web page as well. Sorry about the delay folx, but having a job again after 6-7 months is definitely taking my attention. wry grin We’ll have a 0.7 out soon, and it WILL include a fully functional multisnipe!

— Cyberfox!