Thanks for the .9pre1 release!

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Avatar (SF) Paul Gr... 4 post(s)

Thanks for a cool program. I was looking at the retail and online programs but didn’t want to pay and I was worried about sharing my password with the online sites. I had actually thought about writing something in perl or whatnot but JBidWatcher is perfect! Thanks again Morgan, let me know if I can help!


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

You’re very welcome! Outside of coding changes and fixes, the best help I get comes in the form of bug reports, as you’ve already filed.

Thanks muchly, and I hope the program continues to be one that you like using!

— Cyberfox

Avatar (SF) Ryan 4 post(s)

Not too long before the ebay problem, I put in JRE 1.4.1-rc. So yesterday I pulled out 1.4.1-rc, put back 1.3.1, etc. Looked around more today, and saw the nice new .9pre1 – works great with either JRE. :) Thanks for the quick change to have ebay working again. – Great program too! – Just sent you a small bit of $.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

It should work with any JRE from 1.2.2 on, but I haven’t gone back and tested 1.2.2 in a long while.

You’re very welcome! As soon as I started getting reports, I felt it was really important to get a fix out for my users. Thankfully, this is exactly what the auto-updater was intended for! Also thank you very much for the donation! It is always appreciated. My users donations, and the pride that users find my work worth donating to, have gotten me through some dark times.

— Morgan Schweers