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First I’d like to say that JBidWatcher is a great utility, I am enjoying it with tremendous success. JBW might have the greatest ROI potential ever! :^)

I have some thoughts for new features, some of which I’ve noticed mentioned in a previous thread.

1) The ability to copy to the clipboard an auction’s URL would be nice. This might also be a drag-n-drop capability (dragging from JBW to another window would paste the auction’s URL.) I often find myself wanting to send auction URLs through IM so I can coordinate bidding with other people.

2) I saw this mentioned in another post: the ability to show the sum of the cost of several auctions. The way I think this would work best would be to have a small place at the end of the status bar that shows the sum of the prices of all the currently selected auctions. That way you can quickly and easily total up a few items without even visiting any menus.

3) Another one from a previous post: the ability to see if the reserve it met on an auction, and maybe an icon representation of payment options (PayPal, etc.)

4) A way to share auction data between copies of JBW. Ideally I’d love to see this someday be a client-server app, where a process stays running on a server that is talking to ebay, and then a seperate client piece that allows users to connect to the server to get status and make changes. I realize this is a HUGE change, but it’s something that might be worth thinking about someday down the road. The problem I’m facing is that I’m often away from the computer running JBW when I need to check on status or make changes to bids/snipes. I love the current Java implementation, I wouldn’t want to see it done as JSP with an HTML frontend— rather what I’d like would be to have the current program essentially posting the auction data to a server that then does all the actual work. I haven’t gotten under the hood enough to see if this is within the realm of possibility, but maybe it HTTP POSTs the XML config data to a server process that can then execute the various bids/snipes. This is just rambling blue-sky dreaming, but it’d be great for the hardcore ebayers, and also for people who have a slow link to their desktop. Servers tend to have good uptimes, hardware redundancy and fast network connectivity. All those things would help make JBW even better.

Sorry for the rambling, thanks again for a great tool, and I’m looking forward to pre3 and the 1.0 release!

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

1a. You can do this with the ‘Edit’ window (copy URL).
1b. Drag and Drop would be really cool, but all the browsers take different types of data. If I can find a consistent type that they all accept, I’ll make it a drag source.

2. I like this idea, but I need to figure out how to break up the status bar, in order to show something like that.

3. The current version SHOULD show items with bids, but without the reserve met, as still black text instead of coloring it red or blue. So if you see bids, but the items coloration looks like it doesn’t have bids, it means the reserve isn’t met.

4. Errrf, lemme think about this. I have ways of doing this, since it can export its XML already via an HTTP request. I can have one JBidwatcher being a server for your others, for example. I’’ll try to treat this with more detail later, but for now I’m pretty sure I’m not going to build it as a pure-server and pure-UI versions, anytime soon.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!