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I’d rather have a config option include what config file to use. Before the version that switched to a main config file in the user dir – I had two dirs set-up, each for its own ebay account. This messed me up a bit. Any thoughts on going back to a local config file, in the dir of the program?


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


You can pass what .cfg file to use in on the command line, to start the program… Does that help?

The savefile line says where the auctions.xml file will be saved, the search.savefile line says where searches will be saved. (I haven’t gotten to giving the searches savefile a UI configuration entry.)

Under Windows, you can do this easily by editing the shortcut. Under Linux, it should be just as straightforward, or if you’re running it by hand, swap to a shell script. If it’s MacOSX, I think you may have to make a shell script for each of the ebay accounts, and put the shell script on your desktop.

JBidwatcher will save its configuration to the file passed on the command line, it will store to the files listed in the configuration for savefile, and searches.savefile, so if all that stuff is set up, it should work fine.

The only thing that might be an issue is the display.cfg file, which lays out your display. I think I may have forgotten to locate that wherever the JBidWatch.cfg file gets written.

Give that a shot, and let me know how it works out.

— Morgan Schweers

It’s just:
java -jar JBidWatch-0.9pre4.jar /Users/cyberfox/acct1/acct.cfg
java -jar JBidWatch-0.9pre4.jar /Users/cyberfox/acct2/acct.cfg