When are cookies communcated to ebay?

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Hello together,

does anybody of you know, what causes a hidden login at ebay [with a subsequent negotiation of cookies] and which activities and events that follow allow communication of that cookies with ebay?

If cookies are used for anything else than bidding[, which means that ebay and whoever has access to ebay’s data, can track my personal interests in detail], I’d be willing to change the implementation in a way that restricts the exchange of cookie data to the absolute minimum.


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Cookies are sent to ebay, mutated by ebay, and returned in their new form, on every page. Not accepting the cookie when loading it has tended to cause problems the next time a ‘stale’ cookie is submitted.

JBidwatcher communicates that cookie to eBay with every page moved through, exactly the way the browser does. If it doesn’t, it risks being identified as ‘not a browser’ by eBay, and blocked.

Fundamentally, eBay can monitor what pages you are viewing by IP address, if nothing else. However, that’s not relevant, as to the best of my knowledge eBay also requires the correct cookie behavior, or you just don’t get the pages correctly, or it allows them to block you.

Sorry…there’s only so much the program can do. Every time you bid, you’re giving away information about yourself, whether you win or lose, anyway. As for viewing, think about the number of users that eBay has, and how much work it is to follow one thread through that morass. Being part of an exceptionally large group is sometimes a very good thing.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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Hi, Morgan and everybody else,

I’m surfing ebay without cookies and without javascript now for two years and it never caused problems. Of course, for everything directly related to my person /bidding, myEbay[, which I don’t use], …/, I had to enable cookies. I then enable cookies exactly as long as is needed and clean them afterwards.
So I tend to state, that your first two sections are not valid.
Should ebay really begin to block users, who browse their database without cookies, that would be reason enough for me to stop diverting a part of my money-flow to them.

To your third section: most people are connected with dynamically assigned IP addresses, so that evaluating IP addresses is not very helpful for ebay. Furthermore, I’m still free to use an anonymizing http-proxy, if I want to avoid my personal (interest-, consume- and surf-)profile being tracked.

Of course, if I’m bidding, I will have to give away the needed information, but only that much and not more.

Finally, it’s really not a difficult thing, to build a database schema, which keeps related things together — e.g. to keep things together, which are related to me.

Seeing that all, I’m eager enough to implement a[n optional] more restrictive handling of cookies into JBidwatcher. So my next question consequently is:

Can you — or somebody else, knowing JBidwatcher’s mechanisms and sources enough — give a short sketch, how things around cookies are organized and how this task can be tackled?!

Bye and thanks,

Markus P.