Bidding/Sniping NOT working. Fix in progress.

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eBay changed some things on their site and broke bidding and sniping again. I’ve put together a fix for the bidding/sniping module, but it’s not available just yet. Within the next day or so, I’ll put out a ‘0.9.3pre1’ pre-release with the bugfix in it.

Sorry for the delay, things have been overwhelming for me lately.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar (SF) Julz 2 post(s)

Do they change this to keep these programs out or they’re just updating their site?

Avatar (SF) Robert ... 2 post(s)

Had a misfire today and then noted your alert :(. My failure showed up in “error” file as:

Thu Dec 04 15:48:11 CST 2003: Bidding $353.00 on…

html… MakeBidError
Sorry, but the item is no longer available because the auction has ended.

Thu Dec 04 15:48:43 CST 2003: Bad/nonexistent key read in bid, or connection failure!

I had 6 second config snipe time, so i’m assuming I should have made it with dsl.

As a result of looking through some of the code:

the initial “bidGetKey” function seemed to match up to ebay expectations (only thing i noticed out of place was a lack of &quant= field in 1st POST, probably optional). Initial getCookiesFromPage initial login/cookies acquistion looked ok at a glance comparing URLs. I didn’t get a chance to check the confirmation html beyond existence of key= and value=, so the problem may be there. The subsequent POST seems correct format. According to my “error”, the confirmation POST obviously failed, but the ebayAuctionID seems correct MfcISAPICommand=MakeBid&item=2768427727

Maybe I legitimately missed the snipe and you guys are coincidentally seeing something else (a real bug)?

The dates seemed a bit out of wack though… didn’t seem synced up.

sounds like you got it fixed in any case. i’m curious to find out what caused it.

Any way to create a more robust parser using javacc or something? (assuming changes to expected fields occurrd). Probably too much is changing, especially if larger grained problems with semantics or something. Is it impossible to dynamically adapt to ebay’s future changes?

Maybe we could get a test feature that does some sort of benign (almost) bid that verifies most of the bid will work (ebay needs a null auction item or something that can be operated on – they probably have them). A test bidding operation wouldn’t do much if things got wacked, but at least users would know it was down before failed snipe.


Avatar (SF) Robert ... 2 post(s)

btw – here’s the auction end time on my failure

Ends Dec-04-03 13:57:21 PST

like i said, the times seemed out of sync. my system is CST and clock set right. I did a couple of SyncTimeswithserver off of menu prior to snipe.

sorry putting bug info here, but wanted to see if bug or not first.