Feature Request: My Max Bid + S/H Column

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Avatar (SF) Tyson F... 2 post(s)

I would like to see a column that would show my maximum bid plus the auctions shipping and handling.

If you wouldn’t mind going a step further, I’d like to have a column that would be “Max with S/H”. Let’s say I find several auctions for the same item, but all have different S/H. I would like to enter in $25.00 for the item and have it automatically subtract the S/H to automatically determine my maximum bid.


Tyson Flint
Kirkland, WA

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

You can alter the per-item multisnipe price individually, by clicking on the item, calling up the context menu and selecting ‘Snipe’. Each item can have a different snipe price that way and yet be part of the multisnipe, so you can effectively do it by hand.

I’m loathe to do it in an automated fashion, because the complexity quickly skyrockets as you try to handle shipping, optional/required insurance, multiple item discounts, and other variables. I understand that the desire is for ‘just this feature’ (as shown in the interest in the RFE for this), but that was true of the ‘show shipping cost’ feature too, which somewhat begat this feature request.

Another problem is that it violates the principle of least surprise. The program should do as it’s asked, without any secret/surprising behaviors. I don’t always succeed in this, but it is my goal.

One more problem is shown with the recent failure of JBidwatcher to read the shipping values. If JBidwatcher were failing to read those values, you would end up paying more for the item (i.e. your full bid, $25 in this case, plus the shipping cost) than you had intended. Very few of JBidwatcher’s features fail in a way that can cause you to spend MORE money than you expected. This is on purpose.

Since you can already custom-set the snipe price on a per-item-within-multisnipe-group basis (i.e. do it by hand), I’m unlikely to add a feature for auto-calculation of varying multisnipe prices anytime this side of 1.0. I’ve tried to keep the bidding UI simple so far. Post-1.0, I’ll revist starting to add more complexity to the bidding process.

If someone wants to solve the UI issues, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement the back-end as each item can already have independant snipe values, but the UI is definitely complex to allow for all the potential options.

If someone wants to work on it, recognizing that it has to be an optional component, and clearly identified in the multisnipe entry screen, I’d be happy to include it in the program, and I’ll help by explaining whatever parts of the code you need explained.

Otherwise, it’ll have to be revisted sometime post-1.0.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!