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Avatar (SF) Thorste... 2 post(s)

How do you think about a html frontend?
I think it would be nice to run your application on a webserver. After a first look i’m hopefully that there are not many extensions needed (beside off the jsps).

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Go to JBidwatcher’s configuration, and turn on ‘Use internal web server’, and have your browser go to:


the username and password it prompts for are your default auction site (eBay) username/password. Don’t worry, it’s only sending it to your own machine.

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve got for right now… I want to make a better version of that, with some improved HTML eventually, but I built that because I wanted some minimum of remote control…

What sort of other things would you like to see in an HTML interface? (Or did you mean something else?)

— Cyberfox

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>Anyhow, that’s what I’ve got for right now

Pretty ok (for me) already. But … ;-)

>the username and password it prompts for are your
>default auction site (eBay) username/password.

… I would at least like it to have a separate user/password for this login. In case someone really sniffs my traffic he at least doesn’t get my eBay Account (even though he could do enough harm with JBid also … hmm … I guess without SSL there won’t be much possibilities for improved security?)

Explanation: I’d like to use JBidwatcher sort of as a service on my 24/7 linux server that I can access then from my home PC, from my PC at work, etc.

Avatar (SF) Frank C... 2 post(s)

Just (more or less) forget my post. I just stumbled over another thread with similiar content (that my previous search didn’t bring up).