Feature Request - Snipe at different times

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Avatar (SF) Mark Ta... 4 post(s)

It might be nice if you could override the snipe-timing for individual auctions. Default it to what’s in the configuration dialog, of course, but then be able to overide that timing on an auction-by-auction basis if desired.

Just a thought.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Well, the capability is in there. If you look at auctions.xml, the save file, you’d see that each snipe has a secondsprior attribute. Normally it’s -1, which means ‘use the default’. (In truth, the secondsprior value is in milliseconds, if I recall right.)

It’s not exposed right now mainly because it would complicate the UI. I’m generally not comfortable with adding too many steps to the sniping process.

Perhaps it’s possible to have an ‘advanced’ button, which expands the dialog to have stuff like ‘seconds prior’. This is where I’d have to put other features like ‘account to snipe as’, etc…, for the commonly requested ‘multiple account’ feature.

The idea is to keep the UI simple, but allow users to go advanced when they want to do something more complex. I don’t see getting that in soon, though, unfortunately. There’s too much else to fix and clean up, first.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar (SF) Mark Ta... 4 post(s)

Well, it seems to me that the place to put it would be in the “Auction Information” box. Just after the line that says “Sniping [x] seconds before fhe end”, you could put a “Change…” button which when pressed pops up a simple input dialog to enter the number of seconds to use for that particular dialog.

That way wouldn’t complicate the user-interface any, as far as I can see.