Feature Request - Notification when not work!

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Avatar (SF) Edward ... 1 post

Any way to issue a notification when it is determined that something “broke” jbidwatcher? I see there is an option to “regularly check for new versions”, but I am not sure this currently works. It could probably be implemented easily through this mechanism.

Avatar (SF) smileypete 2 post(s)


Maybe a message box and/or a flashing message on the toolbar.

What might help in the long term is to have the login done with some text script, it looks like Bid-O-Matic does that.

In the meantime would it be helpful to have a Yahoo group to notify users of problems or updates? I could set one up…


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

I have a relatively complex idea in mind for doing this, that would allow me to provide fixes as well, without a full download.

For instance, in the most recent case, I could put up a change that would turn off the adult flag for everyone. (Or, more accurately, I could have pushed the properties change to point the adult logins to the right URL, and it all would have been transparent.)

The idea includes notifications for arbitrary events, too.

It’s tough, though, because I know how people feel about remote updates to their software.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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Hi Morgan,

Thanks for the reply.

What might address immediate needs is an option to ‘notify problems and fixes’ for login problems and beta releases that fix them among other things.

There is space on the ‘General’ tab of the config manager for another option. The ‘Notify program updates’ could be retained for major/tested program releases.

I wonder if the login functionality could be moved into a kind of ‘plugin’ in the longer term, then this plugin could optionally be updated automatically.