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Avatar (SF) Rob 6 post(s)

Hi there,

I run an Ebay affiliate program via Commission Junction. Every bid that gets placed after my link is clicked earns me a small commission.

does JBidWatcher pass these additional cokoies along to Ebay as well?

I see ther is a ebay,affilkiate config option. Is that what this is for?


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Yes and no, JBidwatcher logs in ‘fresh’ when placing a snipe. JBidwatcher has no connection with your browser cookies at all, so site-dropped cookies are not preserved.

However, the way eBay has historically worked, is that they ‘mark’ the user account with the associated CJ id of the link that brought the user to a page on their site. If that user places a bid, they credit it no matter the user cookies at the time of the bid to the CJ account.

So it’s very possible for someone to click through your link and then clear their cookies, re-log in, and you still get credited. That was prior to their recent change to the new link structure, so I don’t know what their behavior is now.

The ‘ebay.affiliate’ config option is a leftover from a few releases ago when I asked users to decide whether or not to allow JBidwatcher’s bids to go through the affiliate program.

The code got turned off relatively quickly, as eBay made it clear that their affiliate program was not open to sniping software, but the underlying code still remained. I pushed a new version which disabled most of it, and then pushed a ‘live config’ change not long after which should have turned off affiliate mode for all users a while ago.

I hope this info helps…

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar (SF) Rob 6 post(s)

Thanks, that helps a lot.

I’m surprised you could decipher my hastily types, error ridden message!

Avatar (SF) az1324 1 post

So there isn’t a way to get affiliate tracking to work? Fatwallet just started a 1% cashback for ebay purchases but almost all my bids are snipes.

Avatar James 3 post(s)

I have same question, what should I do if I want to use the fatwallet ebay link? is there a way to do it?

Avatar dlong 9 post(s)

I know this was a REALLY old thread but I saw that another snipping software (server base, i am assuming @ BIDnapper ) allows cashback. Has eBay changed their policies? Thanks,