Prompt on closing JBid

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Avatar pakuens 2 post(s)

Version 2.5.2 does not prompt for confirmation if you try to close JBid. Version 2.5 had that feature to prevent accidently closing the program. Is there a configuration key that can be added to perform that prompt?

Avatar Yeti88 24 post(s)

Older versions of JBidwatcher only gave a warning if you had snipes outstanding. I’m guessing that it was just a coincidence that you didn’t have snipes running when you shut down this time, after the upgrade. My 2.5.2 still gives the typical warning message. Or did you maybe check the dialog box “Don’t show this dialog again.” upon last exiting JBidwatcher?

Avatar pakuens 2 post(s)

Thanks Yeti88. You were right — I had several auctions loaded but hadn’t set any snipes yet.