Feature request: handle multiple ebay accounts

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Avatar jssr67 4 post(s)

It’d be nice if JBidwatcher could handle more than one ebay account and remember the relevant bidding account for each snipe. So JBidwatcher can for example run on a family shared PC with a single windows user profile where each one has his own bidding/sniping/selling/myEbay lists and tabs, and would bid with the correct account even if snipes for different accounts occur while unattended. Bidding with the “wrong” accound can have annoying consequences for example when paying via paypal, but sometimes also in other cases.

I know that it would of course mean that it’d also keep multiple login sessions/cookies etc. and increase the traffic, but I’d guess that two or three accounts would not be a real problem – and the necessary effort in JBidwatcher relatively small.

Another idea that’d also save the issue: be able to set a dedicated profile directory and thus be able to run simultaneously in multiple instances with an own configuration for each. Would mean each family member has his own running JBidwatcher instance (which then should be somehow recognitzable in the task/window list).

Avatar afleance 44 post(s)

JBidwatcher does store its information under Users//.jbidwatcher, so I would think it is possible to run two instances of jbidwatcher. You have to have window professional/OS which allows multiple users to be logged in, but I think that would work. I haven’t tried it myself, though.