Feature Request : automatic auction number

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Avatar nicomania 1 post

Hey guys!
First of all, great tool! Especially the reliability of your tool is much better then other tools.

But I have a feature request: Is it possible to automatically capture the auction number from a browser window in the background (of course browser independent), with only one click? That would be much more comfortable!
But thats not my idea. If you take a look at the ebay sniper “schnapper pro” (www.schnapperplus.de), which I used before, this tool has this capture function. You can test it with the trial download. This post should not be advertisement, as Jbidwatcher is much more better and reliable!

And how about redesigning the multisnipe, for bidding on multiple auctions with different heights of bids? Would be cool :-)

Greetz and keep up the good work!
Your fan Nico.

Avatar bassdart 5 post(s)

You can change the snipe amount for individual auctions after setting up the multisnipe.
That’s btw a FAQ ;-)