populating searches.xml file

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Avatar belgrath 1 post

Excuse the noob questions as I’m relatively inexperienced with this tool as of yet.

Q1: Is there a relatively easy way for me to populate the searches.xml file from an existing spreadsheet of possible queries that I would like to load up into the search manager?

Q2: Is there a way to figure out what search ID is associated with the output being seen in the current tab. I probably will have in the order of 500 searches being populated into the searches.xml file and it would be great if I could associate each of those with the potentially 1000s of outputs that will be placed into the “current” BJidwatcher tab.

Avatar bassdart 5 post(s)

Q1: I don’t know an automatic way of populating the searches.xml from a spreadsheet but as the searches.xml is straight forward it shouldn’t be too difficult to write a (bash, Python, Powershell, AppleScript…) script that imports from e.g. csv (exported from the spreadsheet).

Q2: Set up the searches so that the searches will be put in individual tabs.
But be warned: Jbidwatcher will be slow with thousands of auctions. You definitely don’t want to have thousands of auctions in one (e.g. current) tab.