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Winning or losing an auction is purely a matter of bidding the higher price. Sniping is nothing more than delayed order placement. You can adjust your bid up or down, and no one can see it. Jbidwatcher is an excellent way you collect and manage your eBay watch list.

To win with a snipe you bid your maximum once, very late in the auction. Delayed bidding is like when you are sending email, you can send it now, or you can schedule it to be sent out later. Sniping is scheduling your bid to be sent later to eBay, nothing more. Bidding early in an auction simply telegraphs your intent and attracts others to bid against you. By bidding late you do not leave enough time for anyone to react to your bid before the finish.
eBay always uses a proxy bidding system, in which you specify your maximum bid value. It is very rare that you will actually have to pay your proxy bids highest price. You will usually either win the item for considerably less money than you planed, or else will lose the auction to a higher bidder.

If a reserve price exists on an eBay auction, always ask the seller what the reserve is. If the seller does not tell you, do not bid. Decide what the absolute most that you are willing to pay, and bid it, ONCE! It doesn’t particularly matter whether your bid is three minutes, or five seconds before the auction closes.

Since tie bids are possible and the earliest bidder wins, it usually pays to bid odd penny amounts on any auction. Further, many items will have buyer resistance thresholds. Prices above which others are reluctant to go. Typical “ain’t gonna go there” thresholds are $20, $60, and ninety. Thus, a bid of $103.27 is much more likely to win than one of $98.24.

Taking one shot, making one bid, embodies snipers tactics and philosophy, of efficiency and stealth. The more interest that you show in an item, the greater the chances of someone thwarting your plans. Your first and only shot, should be your last. Successful snipers take their time in analyzing and sniping individual items in a methodical fashion with a relatively low risk of putting the price up on themselves. You should know the value of the item, and bid a bit more.
eBay has all sorts of powerful search features that let you find price histories and interest levels. Be sure to use “search titles and descriptions” rather than titles only. Remember that only “completed items” represent the final prices. Auctions in progress will usually have much lower than final bids, and cannot be used to determine value.

Snipers are trained in stalking, observation, camouflage, and concealment, as well as shooting. Give as little information about your interest as possible to the second highest bidder to keep them bidding low. Sniping makes use of their inability to strike back.
It is the unexpected aspect of sniper fire that gives it power.

It is like when you are dicing on the highway. You know the top speed that your car will go, but you only need to stay ahead of your pursuer at the finish to win. Similarly you know the maximum that you will pay, but you only need to stay ahead of the second highest bidder at the end. Do not do anything that will make that car, that bidder go higher.

You do not want to put the price up on myself. If you are right about the value, are patient, bid a bit more, then you will win. If you are outbid because the other bidder was willing to pay more, it does not matter in the least when they placed the offer.

It is an established sniper technique to use two teams approaching simultaneously from different directions. Your defense against being sniped, is to bid your max once, close to the end of the auction.
There are Jbidwatcher is one of the tools on the web that are free and easy to use. You just log into your eBay account through the online interface, and schedule your delayed bids.

People concerned with security can see that winning an eBay auction does not take money immediately out of your account. You just enter into an agreement to buy. If someone was able to misuse your eBay sign in, it would not cost you anything, they would not get any of your money. You would notify eBay, and let them handle it from there. If you have any concerns, all that you have to do is change your eBay password and start all over again.

You can see by the other articles that winning or losing an auction are purely a matter of bidding the highest price. You can easily change your bid at anytime before the snipe, something you cannot do with eBay. Sniping does not give you, or other bidders time to react to your bid, after it is placed..