Feature Request: Highlighting

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Avatar hspindel 9 post(s)

I’m trying this software because I’m a long-time Auction Sentry user fed up with how the new ownership screwed up A-S. (Now they want me to pay an annual fee because somehow my “lifetime license” expired.)

So far, I like JBid. Haven’t used it to try to bid yet, though.

One of the features I used in A-S a lot was highlighting given auction rows. A-S has the ability to boldface the entire row by clicking on the auction number at left. I track lots of auctions. Some are just to track, and some I really want to bid on later. The ones I want to bid are the ones I want to highlight. So some sort of highlighting ability would be great – doesn’t have to be boldface.

Also, I’m not seeing the auction number in JBid’s table. Is there a setting to enable display of the auction number that I’m missing?


Avatar hspindel 9 post(s)

Okay, I found out how to enable display of the auction number. Maybe that should be in a README somewhere – it wasn’t obvious.