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First try worked out great, won by snipe. New users need to understand that they will win if they put in the highest bid, but will only pay the amount of the second highest bid. Bid highest, pay second highest. Snipping does not leave time for the second highest bidder to raise the bid. That is all it does. No matter how you win, the loser sets the price. It is the same when you are dicing on the street, the winner is in front at the finish, but only the loser can choose when the race is over. The winner pays the price, but only the quitter can decide how much.

When I went to load another auction in JBid it was confusing. Must have been beginners luck the first time. I right clicked on something and went to place a new bid. To my surprise it bid instantly. The eBay page said I was the high bidder. I had to go to eBay and retract the bid, and redo it again to snip it.

My Jbidwatcher was showing as selling, when I am only a buyer.
The dark blue line made it difficult to read the tiny black print in JBid.
The change background color, did not change the line or the text.
Later on, one that said background color, that I got to some other way, did not change the background color but did change the text.

It would be nice if someone who knows more than me would write instructions on how to place a snip bid correctly. What would you tell your girlfriend who knows nothing about any of this, if she was going to bid on something that she really wants. If I had not used two other competing snip products first, I would have not known what was going on, or how to do it. We need to place the bid far enough away to over come any delays in signing on, beyond the control of this program. These could be caused by our own computer, our internet access provider, or eBay themselves. New users need to understand that there personal machine has to be running, and online, with free resources, at the correct time, in order to place the bid in this way.

Step 1. What do we do?

Step 2. Where do we put in: number of eBay item?

Step 3. Where do we put in: the time?

Step 4. Where do we put in: the bid?

Step 5. What else do we have to do before we are done?

NIce job Josh and Rick, keep up the good work.