Feature Request: Multi Multisnipe

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Say there are 10 items that I am wanting to buy, all very similar items. I found a total of 20 of them in my search, so I’d like to be able to configure multisnipe to win at most 10 of those items, all at the same max price.

I don’t think this can currently be done with the application, even if they are configured individually. The “quantity” text box on the multisnipe screen has nothing to do with the number of auctions you want to bid on, but rather is used for dutch auctions which are fairly rare anyway.

I think this could be easily accommodated if the existing “quantity” text box was enabled and used to represent the number of auctions to snipe. I understand that box is there for dutch auctions, so if that is required then just add a new text box for “auction quantity” and rename the current one to “dutch quantity”.

I think this is a very valid and practical use case, and recommend that it be added to the application. For example eSniper has a “quantity” parameter that is used exactly for this purpose when it is desired to win multiple items in a single group. Why limit the buyer to just one?

Thanks for all your hard work on this project!

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Hi, for the regulars here, can this be done with jbw or other (desktop client or web service)
The use case would be a seller listed a whole bunch of memory sticks (say 12 items) for a penny
I’d like to buy 4 of them

What I just did was make 4 separate multisnipes in groups of three
Hopefully I’d win each of my multisnipes

Right now the ui has the quantity greyed out and fixed to 1 (but can Morgan make the qty box editable)
I imagine theres a boolean (hasWon) type of flag that cancels the bid group
Maybe theres a way to change that boolean to hasWonNCount (and increment the counter on each win)

Someone mentioned that ezsniper.com has this contingency bidder thing

Often it’s advantageous to buy more than one item from a single seller for combined shipping and ease of one transaction



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JBW has a Ruby console, if it works, this would be an easy addition if you know what a boolean is, you can code ruby :)