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Avatar (SF) Brent 1 post

Can anyone tell me if JBidWatcher is supposed to remove a listing automatically when I delete it from My eBay? I’ve not been able to find out whether there’s a problem, or if the program simply doesn’t do that as part of the My eBay sync.

Avatar (SF) Andreas... 5 post(s)

Hi Brent,

no, that’s unfortunately not possible. Deleting of items are not synchronized from My eBay to JBidWatcher and also not from JBidWatcher to My eBay.


Avatar (SF) Anonymo... 3 post(s)

Neither would some of us want that unless it were optional… because I often want to monitor more auctions than My eBay will hold, I would not want them deleted from JBW when I removed them from My eBay…