Un-installation is broken

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Sorry for my subject but that’s the best way to explain the problem!

How can I remove from my computer all jbidwatcher saved data? I erased the “.jbidwatcher” in My Documents but that did not help, I still have columns that still appear when I restart jbidwatcher.

Why would I want to delete everything?

Since 2 days, jbidwatcher 1.0 started to behave strangly. Today, I stopped jbidwatcher because it wasn’t “felling good”. It was slow, etc. I restarted and on the restart I had no columns left in every single tabs! I add to re-add required columns in each tabs. I exited, restarted then I noticed I forgot to put the “left time” column in all tabs. I added that column, exited and still the column wasn’t showing up.. tried again, Nope did not work.