Hey Morgan, PLEASE fix the eBay Login!

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Avatar Charlie 16 post(s)

It looks like Morgan has pretty much abandoned JBidwatcher, but I thought I would throw this out there just in case he does still check in once in a while.

Morgan: I’m sure you are busy, but can you please just get the eBay login working again? It’s seems to have been an issue for a while now, with a workaround that has also stopped working more recently. I really prefer having software on my machine doing the sniping rather than using one of the services, and JBidwatcher did exactly what I wanted. I just don’t want to give up on it!

Avatar MEC2 61 post(s)

Or don’t – just declare it officially unsupported. I am looking at alternatives but really prefer JBW, and am hesitant to sign up for a year subscription if JBW is going to be back working again shortly. I’d rather toss a few dollars at JBW than something else…

Avatar zappram 289 post(s)

How about we chip in and pay the yearly subscription fee that you would have paid the other web site to Morgan?

Setup a good annual supporting fee Payable to Morgan, so your JBW will be updated enough to run and snipe for you. I’d sent support via paypal a couple of times in the past and I don’t mind at all to pay for a bit of support.

Hey, everyone else ask for a monthly “rental” fee of the software now (adobe, microsoft, etc.)

Everyone, let us know what YOU think.

Avatar MEC2 61 post(s)

I used to send a few bucks after each major release, but that of course died ages ago… but who knows, is it just a couple dozen people still using JBW? If so, that hardly is worth it… and we sort of need a proof of life for this project before anyone sends a dime…

Avatar zappram 289 post(s)

I tried to read the error log, and it all points to eBay
If no one will help modifying the code (this code is available to those who knows how to do coding), the it’s a lost cost.

So, it’s not worth it. We will just BIN or Amazon. Too bad, I bid on other auctions, and there’s no tools to help like JBW before for eBay and I actually don’t enjoy those auctions. Now, time to move on.

BTW – I did try JBW on Mac OS X 15.2 and it will not login.

Avatar MEC2 61 post(s)

Oh I am sure it’s an update on eBay, but that’s not unexpected, I mean what was the last software revision to JBW, over a year ago? Things change.

Will likely use Gixen and keep JBW just for tracking the auctions I win with a thumbnail. Until adding auctions doesn’t work, then, we’ll just ditch it altogether. Thanks for the memories JBW, we sure did snipe alot of stuff together…

Avatar mrnuxi 4 post(s)

Hi Everyone — a few years back I downloaded the jbidwatcher source code looking to fix a relatively minor problem. I could not get it to build because there were some files missing from the source distribution. At this point in time I would have to say jbidwatcher is pretty much dead. Really a shame.