Captcha fix - Manual Login

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Avatar dlong 7 post(s)

Is there anyway to patch or work-around jbidwatcher so that when it encounter Captcha, that it shows the window to manually login in… or EVEN an option just manually login all the time?

I had the Captcha login error a week ago… so I left it alone and now, 6-7 days later, tried jbidwatcher again and jbidwatcher is saying that it is encounter Captcha (still).

I have logged into eBay from other devices and have not seen the Captcha…. at this point, I’m wondering if jbidwatcher is even encounter Captcha.

Different question: Is jbidwatcher abandon-ware at this point?

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Sure, I’ve done that with my native Mac version, because I could directly use a WebKitView object, but it’s a ton harder to show a functioning browser window in Java unfortunately. :(

The CAPTCHA thing is a long-standing eBay issue, and fundamentally…they’re in the right; JBidwatcher is automatically logging in to your account, but it’s under your control, so it should be okay. But they can’t tell the difference between JBidwatcher and a hostile agent. :-/

Anyway, JBidwatcher isn’t abandonware, but I haven’t had major reasons to make changes in a while.

— Morgan