Windows 10 compatible?

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Avatar Walt 1 post


I’ve been using JBidwatcher for quite a few years now and have never had a problem until now.
I recently built a new computer and installed Windows 10. This is the first time I’ve used JBW on the new machine and the bid failed.

As you can see, the auction ended 21:02:03 and the snipe was attempted at 21:02:13.
Instead of firing 9 seconds early, it fired 10 seconds late.
So, I went to the help menu in JBW and most of those items don’t work.

Is this a JBW issue or a Win 10 issue?
Is it one problem or multiple problems?

Avatar bushytails 55 post(s)

Ebay’s time servers are returning incorrect times, which is causing jbidwatcher to snipe at the wrong time. I don’t know if this is accidental (ebay’s server clocks are wrong), or an intentional attempt at dissuading people from using snipe programs. I started a thread about this (Emergency fix needed etc), but I don’t know if the author has even looked at it…