Still alive?

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Avatar bushytails 55 post(s)

I hope I didn’t chase you off. :(

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Nah; I’m still alive. Exhausted, and brain-burnt, but I’m alive. It’s been a rough patch for my coding efforts, starting in late January with my 10th anniversary, and valentines day, and stuff like that… A wonderful thing, but it does put a dent in my programming time. :)

I’ve got a good bit of feedback on 2.99pre5, I just need to dig through it and figure out what I absolutely need to fix. :)

— Morgan

Avatar bushytails 55 post(s)

By far the biggest/worst issues I’m having are the failure to retry, and the randomly deciding auctions are ended when they’re not. Missed another one today due to ended issue. If you fixed those it’d miss a lot fewer snipes…