Loooong delay at startup due to long Complete list

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Avatar Ward 26 post(s)

My JBidwatcher has been slow to start up for quite some time. But recently it seemed to be taking forever. I just timed it: 7 minutes from clicking the icon in my Dock until the blank window turned into a Current display.

Suspecting this might be due to my long Complete list – several hundred entries, going back several years. I decided I really didn’t need all those old entries, and I deleted them. That took a while because the list was redisplay after deleting each line.

With an empty Complete list, my JBidwatcher now starts up almost instantly.

— Ward

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I did the same thing…. I started JBW from scratch like that, and load up MyEbay and go from there…. I now use my Mail program to track all my old listings, I can always find the item I bought before by searching the keyword….

JBW still snipes well for me and win things that I don’t need from time to time ;-)

Part of bidding fun …..