Login Failed on 2.5.6-11: Not Clearly Recognized As Successful

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Avatar gismofx 3 post(s)

Hi Guys,

I’m getting this wonderful error when I attempt to log in:
“The login did not cause any errors and delivered cookies, but was not clearly recognized as successful”

I’m running Java V7 Update 45 (build 1.7.0_45-b18) I can’t upgrade Java yet because I have another server UI application that will not function on any higher version of Java at this point in time. Could this be the issue?(I hope not)


Avatar Richard Iredale 5 post(s)

Same thing here; logs in but with a yellow button. Had been working fine the last time the program was used (about a month ago). Has eBay made some changes?

Avatar donh 3 post(s)

I was having this problem with the error in this post fixed it. Seems it is running out of memory. I imagine the changes are from java


Hope it helps others.

Thanks for a great product!

Avatar joliett 20 post(s)

I was getting the YELLOW login button. Here’s what fixed it for me.
1. Go to you ebay account page with your regular browser.
2. If you’re already logged in, then LOG OUT.
3. Then login again.
4. There was a change to the eBay User Agreement…once you agree to it, go to jBidwatcher and click eBay, Refresh eBay Session…voila GREEN button.

Avatar Richard Iredale 5 post(s)

Joliett: Brilliant. That fixed it for me. Thank you very much.

Avatar BrokerDon 2 post(s)


I tried the 4 step procedure that Joliett recommended above in both Safari 8.0 and the latest Google Chrome (Version 38.0.2125.111) in OS X 10.10 Yesemite but I’m still getting the YELLOW login button with this JBidWatcher (2.5.6-11-gac197d6) error message when I open JBW: Login did not clearly fail, but no valid cookies were received.

How do I get JBW logging into eBay with a Green button again?

Avatar BrokerDon 2 post(s)

Hmmm… JBidWatcher starting working again late yesterday. Not sure if the above 4 step process fixed it or it was just taking a vacation day.

FYI I never got a web page asking me to acknowledge the “change to the eBay User Agreement”… but eBay does pop up a web page showing “Message from eBay” when I log in… but there is no message in OS X 10.10 Yosemite using either the latest versions of Chrome and Safari.

Hope this helps somebody else… and add my vote to see Mult-Snipe fuctionality return to JBW !!!

Avatar jbeezz 4 post(s)

This did not help me. In fact when I logged out I was asked to change my password which I did. Then I got the new eBay user agreement and okayed that. Now my jbw is not yellow, it’s red.

This is SO frustrating. I can’t use it with Yosemite and now I can’t use an old version either. I’m locked out. This really stinks.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

try this…. (power off)… the Start your computer to have a fresh connection… then run JBW, and remember to change to the NEW Password in JBW, and things should propagate and work for you again…. Good Luck…

Avatar jakjak 2 post(s)

Joliett: DITTO Brilliant. That fixed it for me. Thank you very much. I have “keep me logged in” enabled on eBay and would not have known to do this but for your posted solution.
also add my vote to see Mult-Snipe fuctionality return to JBW !!! This is really useful when a large consignment is released at a good starting price in multiple separate auctions.
Though I did have a problem several versions ago when the successful auction condition was not recognized… I ended up with several of the same thing, so caution is always advisable.

Avatar aleandro 2 post(s)

Problem: Not Clearly Recognized As Successful and yellow button.

Solution: I received a mail from Ebay in order to protect my account that I didn’t want to check because of time. I followed finally the instructions in that mail and received a pin via smartphone ()if you want ebay sends you via email). I put this pin in the login area and so I could protect my account. Since then the login button of jbidwatcher is green.