Another failed snipe

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Avatar cheviot 4 post(s)

Can someone explain this one???

Jbidwatcher claims an active auction has ended, with the time synchronized right before and right after the auction ended.

Avatar cheviot 4 post(s)

Without help on the forums I suppose it’s time to dump this program and get one that works.

Avatar ian peters 4 post(s)

Yes sadly for the last month or so my snipes are failing to execute and then disappearing from the list. It does seem to be time to move on.

Avatar krs 11 post(s)

I haven’t had any failed snipes.
My next snipe is coming up in just over 3 hours – I’ll try to remember to post here if the snipe worked or not

Avatar krs 11 post(s)

Snipe worked perfectly for me.
I’m on a Mac still running Snow Leopard
Internet connection is DSL in Montreal, Quebec running about 6 MB/s

Avatar krs 11 post(s)

Just won another item via JBw snipe

I would suggest that people who have problems with a snipe not going through make sure ebay didn’t block them from bidding.

If I REALLY want an item I always place a small bid, just above the minimum, early in the game to make sure ebay doesn’t block me from bidding for some strange reason. If it goes through great – if not I try to figure out why and maybe email the sellerto get me on the approved bidder list.