2.5.6 CPU usage

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First off, a big thanks for your efforts on jbidwatcher, it’s great to have an open source sniper program available that actually works consistently.

I often leave the proggy up and running for several days at a time, sometimes with a dozen or more auctions setup with snipes. A couple times I’ve come home and noticed that my laptop’s fan has kicked on which usually only happens after an extended period of increased CPU usage. Both times I checked task manager and found javaw to be running between 10-20% CPU, and jbidwatcher was the only Java app running at the time. It was not in the middle of refreshes and the next scheduled snipe was several hours away. It seems there may be some kind of loop or some logic path that is getting erroneously invoked.

I downgraded back to 2.5.3pre3 and am no longer experiencing the issue. I only first noticed it when upgrading from 2.5.3pre3 to 2.5.6.