2.5.6 Bug - Fails to pull shipping costs

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Avatar apb 6 post(s)

As the subject line states, using a “URL load” search, shipping costs don’t show up (most of the time). Just as bad, I selected “free shipping” within ebay (plus other criteria) and copied the resulting URL into jbw for my “URL Load” search. It’s pulling in items that do not match my criteria – in particular the free shipping. I’ve already gotten screwed on this by winning a bid that I presumed was free shipping (since that’s the criteria I set) but it wasn’t free shipping. Far from it. Now I can either pay or get a bad rep, the seller is not happy and neither am I. I hope this dangerous and costly bug gets fixed extremely soon. I’ll have to discontinue using jbw until it gets fixed which is sad considering I’ve only been using it a few days.

Avatar krs 11 post(s)

Did you check the actual auction for “free shipping”?
I find that many auctions offer “free shipping” but only to certain countries.
For ebay.com auctions shipping might be free within the US but nowhere else.

Avatar Deina 1 post

I’m using 2.5.6, and it won’t pull the Shipping costs in, either.

I’m in the US, and everything I’ve been looking at (so far) has a flat shipping fee, not based on distance or any such thing.

Since i just started using the program a few days ago, do I have something set wrong, or am I having a blonde moment?


Avatar davetheduck 6 post(s)

Dropping auctions into JB also fails to pull in the shipping costs for me, too – I think the field name doesn’t match. Prior to 2.5.x there was no problem for me.

Avatar Wade 2 post(s)

Yup. I’m using v. 299.pre5. It is pulling in shipping costs from Canada, but not from China or the USA.

Is there another setting for shipping costs other than the “shipping column”?