Still no proper Login

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Avatar Loxford 2 post(s)

All Ebay login is correct continue to get this message.
“Login did not report any errors and delivered cookies, but was not clearly recognised as successful”
Unable to get Ebay my items.
Tried deleting JBid and reinstall.
Any suggestions?

Avatar Jk541 2 post(s)

I have the same problem.

I have tried it on my other PC and uploaded the latest version to no avail.

As anyone alerted Morgan?

I have an auction in 18 hours and would have liked to snipe it.

Does this have something to do with a broken link with ebay or have they changed link parameters?


Avatar Jk541 2 post(s)

I have updated Java and JBW.

I am getting a green light and can place bids.

I have tried to check the sniping capabilities with an auction 10 hours to go.

JBW doesn’t fire when I input 36000 seconds as a test.

Is there a maximum seconds limit in the program?

Avatar Loxford 2 post(s)

Still the same. I can’t use Jbid until this is resolved. I’ve been using another program. No comparison to this one but it works with limited numbers of bids per week.

Avatar DIDI 22 post(s)

Back to this same problem Login is yellow. :(