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I’ve been using JBW for a little while now but this is the first time poster. I have a couple question hope someone can help.

Does it seem that there is a bug with Jbidwatcher that loop through some kind of loop/calculation in the auction list that cause the program to appear unresponsive. You can clearly see it from the status bar. It still happens in the latest version.

Another question, can the snipping function be compiled into a component (ex: DLL) so that we can use in our program and leave the GUI to the user however we like to use it. I program in C++ & C# but not in java.


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That loop is related to what is in the search bar. Clear the search bar and that loop stops. It is bad on tabs with alot of auctions (like my tab with all my won auctions, sometimes it is 10 seconds between recognizing mouse clicks and the status bar loops wildly with the calcs of totals of matching auctions).

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Thanks. My problems seem to be different since I never use the search feature. I usually retrieve auctions from my ebay and setup the snipping and leave it running but after a while it will become slow and uses high memory. It will become unresponsive even faster if I delete auctions from the list.